Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casio Women's LWAM140-1A Solar Atomic Waveceptor Sports Watch Review

Casio Women's LWAM140-1A Solar Atomic Waveceptor Sports Watch
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I got this watch as a Christmas present for my mom so she wouldn't ever have to change the battery or adjust the time. This updated version with the black wristband is more practical than the one I got with the white band because it won't get dirty so quick. With solar power and radio signal time adjustments, this Casio is completely maintenance free. She loves it and it looks very nice. When first taking it out of the package, simply select your nearest major city and then the watch automatically adjusts the time, and that's it. On the little digital display window you can choose to display the time, name of the day of the week, calendar date, or seconds. If it's dark, press another button to activate the backlight for 1 second. This also has the full featured functionality Casio is known for such as alarm and timer. The solar cell is interesting because you won't see any typical looking solar cell, just a very nice almost-sparkling pearly gray face.

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With a classic design versatile enough for a day at the beach or a late night at the office, the Casio Women's Solar Atomic Waveceptor Sports Watch #LWAM140-1A is both fashionable and user friendly. In addition to a bold silver stainless steel bezel mated to an attractive black resin band, this Casio has attractive silver-tone hands and a unique combination of numbers and lines for hour markers. There's also a small LCD display at the six o'clock position for keeping tabs on the date. The LCD not only reads easily, it also functions as a reference sub-display for a 1/100th second stopwatch. To further enhance visibility, the watch employs an automatic LED light with Afterglow. Not only is this Waveceptor attractive and user friendly, it will never need resetting or batteries--this atomic watch can reset itself automatically several times a day, and runs on artificial or natural light. Water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters), this Casio keeps time with reliable Japanese quartz movement.

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